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Climate & Policy

Championing Environmental Justice through Multidisciplinary Expertise

Ivonne Serna is a climate specialist with a comprehensive portfolio in policy research, stakeholder engagement, and project management. Her expertise spans NGOs, academia, and international initiatives, including roles at the National Geographic Society and as an editorial coordinator for the Ecology and Society journal. A published author proficient in Spanish, English, and French, her research interests cover a gamut of critical issues from political ecology, urban climate adaptation, and marine conservation to gender and environmental justice. Ivonne has received multiple research fellowships and awards for her work, which includes diverse research assistantships in topics such as indigenous sovereignty, international environmental law, and Latin American agribusiness in the context of climate change.

With deep cultural roots in Mexico, Ivonne has garnered international experience, working extensively in the United States, France, and Germany. Her understanding of Latinx culture enriches her advocacy for marginalized voices in environmental policies. While in France, she collaborated with environmental NGOs, notably Robin des Bois, contributing to marine conservation efforts. Her time in Germany involved multidisciplinary research collaborations focused on green equity and climate policies. Over seven years of community involvement, particularly within BIPOC communities, have honed Ivonne's skills in intercultural communication, asset development, and multimedia content management. 

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Green Equity, DEI, Community Engagement and Coordination



Project Coordination, Research, Environmental Education, Impact Strategies


Strategic Storytelling, Content Creation, Editorial Projects




Climate Policy Research & Analysis
Stakeholder Engagement
Environmental Communication Strategies
Project Coordination & Management
Content Development & Media Production
Multilingual Climate Advocacy
Database & Resource Management
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) in Environmental Contexts
Public Speaking & Conferences

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