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In this section, you will find a compilation of my work related to environmental projects. My expertise encompasses project coordination, research, environmental education, socio-environmental impact strategies, as well as collaborations and articulations with various stakeholders.

En esta sección, encontrarás una recopilación de mi trabajo relacionado con proyectos ambientales. Mi experiencia abarca la coordinación de proyectos, investigación, educación ambiental, estrategias de impacto socioambiental, así como colaboraciones y articulaciones con diversos actores.


Environmental Education


In 2020-2021, I coordinated the UWC short course, "Building a Sustainable Future," funded by the Erasmus program. The course, attended by 60 youths from over 20 countries, explored economic, environmental, and social sustainability through interactive workshops, debates, and guest sessions. As the program manager, I led a team to facilitate critical discussions, empowering participants to envision and work towards a sustainable future.

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